Here it is! The unofficial but very comprehensive history of University of Washington Lightweight Men’s Rowing, from the dawn of the Conibear era in 1914 to the last official lightweight crew race in 1987. Meticulously chronicled by former U.W. Lightweight oarsman Paul Julien ‘73, it is a living document with details missing, gaps here and there, and perhaps a misspelling or honest inaccuracy here and there.

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1970 UW LW V-8.jpg

1970 U.W. Lightweight Varsity 8+

Lineup: (L-R) Jim Stanton, Denis Sullivan, Paul Julien, Malcolm Lindquist, Larry Burgher, Steve Protzeller, Kurt Hoelting, Hulet Gates, (cox in front) Ed Bennett.

Paul Julien: This boat consistently beat the HW Frosh first boat, and came second behind the seniors in the Class Day race. Undefeated on the West Coast against LW crews and small college HW crews.

1972 Olympic Camp erg test 001.jpg

1972 Olympic Selection Camp Erg Test

Paul Julien: “We rowed all our erg tests with a mask on. The doctor collected all our exhalations and analyzed them. They poked us and took blood samples immediately upon completion and at intervals afterwards. I remember being in the middle of the pack in my erg scores. But the posted blood analysis's showed that John Buse and I had the same and vastly higher lactic acid blood counts than anyone else at the camp. I had, and still have, no idea what that meant, but I felt great finally being at par with Jon Buse on something!”